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APR 2014

Reagan Boggs



Quicksand is Reagan Boggs’ third and latest solo release. It gets its name from “Can’t Do Life,” a song that Boggs wrote nearly five years ago. It represents the constant tug-of-war that can go on in the mind between hopes and expectations and the reality of what is as “life happens.” It illustrates the difficulty of change and how easily we are drug down by acceptance.

The “quicksand” theme resonates throughout the album. The 12 songs on the project that are her own writings expose a very raw, vulnerable side of her. They cross a range of emotions from insecurity, hopelessness, loss, and revelation. With her rich voice, she strips bare stark realities, feelings, and situations that trap people in jobs, places, and relationships. The album is not all “depressing,” she says with a laugh. She does admit the overall mood may be serious, “but these are the things we struggle with, or at least I know I do.”

There is more diversity in the sound when compared to her previous releases Never Looking Behind and Right Now. She showcases her Pound, VA heritage in the light-hearted track, “Appalachia,” that has a roots feel mixed with a little JJ Cale. “Not the New Me” leans more toward a blues or Motown vibe, and the driving acoustic guitar in “Come to Me” is reminiscent of early Steve Earle. “When it Mattered,” a good-bye lullaby with a sarcastic edge, may have fit nicely on AM Country playlists in the 1960s.

The new album also features a unique rendition of Eddie Vedder’s “Better Man” delivered in first-person. “The idea was to have listeners ‘see’ through a woman’s voice,” Boggs explains. “Abuse is not always physical or visible, and leaving or being alone seems much worse than just dealing with it. It’s such a great song – with such an unnerving production.”

Reagan teams again with producer and engineer Eric Fritsch (Sheryl Crow, Scott Miller) of Eastwood Studios in Nashville, TN. The recording includes an array of talented musicians including Fritsch playing multiple parts. Dave Coleman (The Coal Men) sings and plays steel guitar on the duet “You Deserve Better.” Paul Griffith (John Prine, Chris Knight), Steve Bowman (Counting Crows), and Matt Crouse (Billy Dean, Savannah Jack) play drums on the record. Park Chisolm (Kevin Costner, Jo Dee Messina) and Bones Hillman (Midnight Oil, Elizabeth Cook) are featured on electric and upright bass. David Duffy (Elvis Perkins) plays the violin and Eric Brace (Last Train Home) also helps tell the story of “Better Man.”

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Reagan Boggs -
The Coal Men -

APR 048:30 pm$8.00
Hard Rocket



Hard Rocket crash-landed in the mountains of WNC last year to rock Asheville off its foundation. Cosmonauts Colonel Lewison Clark, Sir Guido Stein and Captain Rubio Gold armed with the essentials for Rock-n-Roll have been playing around town winning over converts one Rock show at a time. Colonel Lewison Clark, armed with his Les Paul Jr. aka Johnny Crunch and his SG Jr. aka Johnny Lightning, has been the main force behind Hard Rocket’s success. Guido Stein possesses the Sonic Boom of the universe with his Bam Bam drum kit and his Mighty Max chops. Rubio Gold digs in his trusty Fender bass, attacking audiences with his rapid-fire 8th to wave the Rock-n-Roll flag, the members of Hard Rocket wear their influences on their sleeves. Aficionados of straight-up Rock-n-Roll love this band because they rock hard, hence the name Hard Rocket.

Hard Rocket -
Posh Hammer -

APR 109:00 pm$6.00
Sex Knuckle



Sex Knuckle is a grungy, sludgy, dark and mysterious sounding rock band originating from Fargo, North Dakota (and yes, they have wood chippers so don't fuck with them). Their intense stage presence, unspoiled musicianship, and not giving a fuck attitudes make for an unforgettable live performance every single time they take the stage. The band started in 2011 when singer/songwriter Samantha Bennefeld teamed up with guitarist Chris Ellingson and drummer TR Edland to form what was the early incarnation of Sex Knuckle. It wasn't more than a year later and they recruited Christina Sabot (ex-Kamilla) on bass guitar and everything fell into place. That original heavy sound they were looking for, along with more energy than a mini bus packed full of M-80s, swung full circle...and they knew it was time.

With eerie verses contrasting with powerful vocals and crunchy guitar riffs it's a perfect combination for a strong, powerful, sweet sound that is unlike anything out there today. After earning a loyal following in North Dakota they decided to venture out with aspirations of playing and performing for fans all around the world. They are currently based out of Asheville, NC, recording their first album and booking tours for late 2013 and 2014.

Sex Knuckle -
MindShapeFist -‎
Zombie Queen -

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American Hologram



Savannah’s American Hologram is a gutsy and eclectic power house trio comprised of Britt Scott, Craig Tanner, and Eric Britt. Although Americana Goth Pop and Roots has surfaced as a description, songwriting is what defines their music. Interweaving Acoustic guitars, 3 part harmonies, and 3 interchanging lead singers make American Hologram a standout among Southeastern bands.

After Britt’s Greener came out in 2012, Tanner and Scott began accompanying him live. They quickly branched into a band, with everyone bringing ideas and songs to the table. Since then, the trio has become a prolific songwriting outfit. The band’s natural chemistry as musicians and friends has helped the creative process grow quickly.

AH is currently working on a new “yet to be titled”album and has already made the jump of hitting the road to great venues of the Southeast, in addition to playing high profile shows in their hometown of Savannah. Look for them in your town!

For more info, music, and tour dates:
CaroMia -

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MAY 2014

Mother Explosives



Mother Explosives... "I consider myself to be a songwriter first/foremost. I have always been interested in story telling and more specifically the attempt to tell my story. I’ve always felt that my actual “singing” or “playing” in terms of being a musician took a back seat to what I was attempting to do with telling my story. With that said, I also consider myself a performance artist as well. I really feel that seeing someone perform their songs is a big part of the whole package. My performance/stage presence is a big part of what I’m trying to accomplish with my music, especially because more often than not, I play loud venues like bars, sandwiched between two full five piece bands and I walk up with just my acoustic guitar. You can’t walk up with just an acoustic guitar and expect people to pay attention without giving them something to pay attention to. Though it sounds weird and self-absorbed to attempt and explain the bigger purpose of what one tries to do with their art, I feel for me: I want to try and share bits and flashes of my life, my story. My current vein for doing this is through song. I don’t really care what anyone thinks about the aesthetics of my music (though I feel at some base level everyone wants to be liked, loved, and appreciated). Everyone at some level wants to feel that the work they are doing is important. My story is sad, funny, serious, angry, weird, and occasionally happy. So my songs are sad, funny, serious, angry, weird, and happy all at the same time. And in fact I feel that life is sad, funny, serious, angry, weird, and happy. At at the end of the day all I’m really trying to do is explain my little take on life with the vain hope that this will in turn make me feel better (which it always does) and the people that listen to my songs feel better as well. And even if they don’t feel better necessarily at least feel that in someone way we are all connected and the timeless idea that “we are all in this together.”I am only trying to describe my experience with this thing called life so the things that have inspired me are people that I feel I can relate to on some level. I draw almost exclusively from real-life events. Relationships falling apart are a big part of my life and are in turn a big part of some of my more recent songs. The musicians I love are too many to list, but I will say this. I was recently at a performance by Brandi Carlisle and she told this story about an interaction she had with Elton John recently where they were talking about musical inspirations. She said that she “loved the Beatles, Neil Young, and Bob Dylan.” And he said something along the lines of “I know…who doesn’t?” And went on to explain that we all already have those guys in our inspiration catalog (if that exists) and that where we should be looking for music inspiration should be the people that are right beside us. The songwriters on the verge or maybe even still playing to their bedroom walls are the ones that we should be seeking out and researching and listening to and interacting with. I firmly believe we can only be as good as what we are listening to. I spend hours every day seeking out new musicians online and especially musicians who are playing locally in Asheville, NC."

Mother Explosives -
Old Man Rabbit -

MAY 019:00 pm$6.00



BearKnuckle is a band that was sort of a long time in the making. Twin brothers Nick and Rory Landt having been playing music together since the age of 14. In 2013 BearKnuckle joined the Atlanta based Blood Drunk Records family. With a vast combination of genres, infusing blues and psychedelic guitar solos with heavy metal and fast punk rhythms, BearKnucle is carving their own territory into the Atlanta music scene.

BearKnuckle -
Monkey In Podship -
Crazy Tom Banana Pants -

MAY 229:30 pm$6.00
The Great Barrier Reefs



Fresh off the release of their second record Live in Middle Tennessee, The Great Barrier Reefs are a Nashville based act that has been turning heads since 2009. As a steel drum fronted funk fusion group, the Reefs blend the island native steel pan with contemporary funk rhythms and jazz harmony to provide entertainment to both listeners and dancers. Highlights from their 2012 tours include performing at Columbus Jazz and Ribs Festival, Ya Maka My Weekend Festival, Nashville Fringe Festival, and Bowling Green International Festival; sharing the stage with such acts as Soulive, Yo Mama's Big Fat Booty Band, The Right Now, Space Capone, Monophonics, and many other fine acts. As an electric band, the Reefs appeal to a wide variety of music lovers: from jazz fanatics to jam-heads, rockers to hip-hoppers, the Reefs deliver a sincere and captivating performance of their music. Led by Tony Hartman, on steel pan and keys, the Reefs are made up of five young men brought together by their musical education in the Nashville area. Along with Hartman, the Reefs include Taylor Lonardo, on bass and audio production, Josh Dunlap, on saxophone, Matthew Heller, drums, and Rheal Janelle on guitar.

In 2013, the Reefs plan for another year of touring surrounding the release of a new studio record, as well as their silent film score for Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Lodger: A Story of the London Fog”.

Tony Hartman - steel pan, keyboard
Josh Dunlap - saxophones
Rheal Janelle - guitar
Taylor Lonardo - bass
Matt Heller - drums

“Catchy melodies and hooks abound and bring back memories of the many talented players and groups that flowed through and grew out of the best of Miles Davis' 1968-75 era ensembles, including the work of Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Wayne Shorter, Joe Zawinul, Pete Cosey, Dave Holland and John Mahavishnu McLaughlin. It sure sounds to me like many of the best influences from that whole trajectory march on boldly on this album…”
RDJMS “Indulgent Reader” – Amazon review from Phoenix, AZ

MAY 299:30 pm$6.00

Melanie Martinez



Melanie Martinez is a remarkable 18-year-old artist from Long Island, New York – a stunning and provocative singer, songwriter and visual presence, who is currently collaborating with Robopop (Jessie J, Lana Del Rey), and Kinetics & One Love (B.o.B) to produce her debut EP, THE DOLLHOUSE, due out on Atlantic Records May 20th. Having spent much of 2013 selling out clubs across the country, Martinez will celebrate THE DOLLHOUSE EP with her biggest national tour to date, while simultaneously finishing her eagerly awaited debut album. Her first official single “Dollhouse,” which Martinez co-wrote with the aforementioned, GRAMMY Award-nominated tunesmiths Kinetics & One Love, is a brutally honest depiction of a family falling apart, set to a spare dance beat. The song “positions Martinez as an American version of Lorde,” writes Newsday. “(Martinez) sings about a picture-perfect family that is much more troubled under the surface,” declared Us Weekly, noting that Martinez – a former contestant on NBC’s smash reality singing competition series, The Voice – “might be the show’s first real breakout star.” Melanie captured the country’s imagination with her arresting performances on the highly rated Fall 2012 season of NBC’s The Voice, driving her unique renditions of “Too Close” and “Seven Nation Army” to top 5 sales on the iTunes Store. In addition, her rendition of “Toxic” lit YouTube on fire, earning more than 6 million individual page views.

For more information, please visit (@MelanieLBBH) and

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Doors 7pm / Show 8pm / All Ages

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