As far as the four essential ingredients in beer go, yeast often gets the short end of the mash paddle.  Brewers labor meticulously over what kind of malt, it’s origin, FAN, how and where it’s malted, two-row vs six-row, and the list goes on. The list on hop variables is long enough for a Masters thesis and water content is a science all it’s own.  The brew process with the aforementioned ingredients is what takes up 99% of the brew day.  Yeast often goes under-analyzed and overlooked when really, it is the marked difference between an ale and a lager.  Even if you have the perfect mash-in, your lauter goes flawless, you have the feshest hops to grace the brew world, and a light-speed knock out, poor yeast protocol will kill your beer.  Without yeast, there is no beer; all we’d have is hopped sugar water.  If we were to take the same batch in our boil kettle, split it into two different fermentors and pitch two different yeasts, the end product would be two completely different beers in taste, smell, and sight.  LAB recently acquired some lab equipment, how fitting. We are now able to have a better idea of what is going on in our beer at a micro level, thus being able to make more conclusions based on science…. and it makes us happy!